GSA Leadership Council Regional Meetings

These bi-monthly regional meetings each have a theme and are facilitated by student leaders on the GSA Leadership Council. All meetings will take place via Zoom from 10 AM to 1 PM during school hours. These meetings and the Safe Schools Program for LGBTQ Students are endorsed by the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education. School administrators should grant students and GSA advisors excused absences to attend these meetings during the school day. Please find the excused absence letter to be submitted to your school administrator below.

All GSA advisors, high school students, and middle school students in Massachusetts are welcome to attend these meetings.

Regional Meetings

Upcoming June Meetings

Theme: Artivism

The focus of June’s meetings is artivism: how arts & activism intersect. State Council student leaders will facilitate the meetings, including time for everyone to reflect on the year together and all they’ve accomplished.

Registration Information:

April Meetings

Theme: Coalition & Community Building

The focus of April’s regional meetings is coalition and community building. Students will learn community outreach skills and how to design and implement campaigns. By the end of the meeting, students will have the knowledge to successfully market and promote their GSAs in an accessible format. We have a fun activity planned for students to design their own campaigns and create actions plan about topics that they’re passionate about, such as BIPOC LGBTQ+ youth and intersectionality in GSA, health education, and inclusive curriculum.

Students’ Campaign Plans:

February Meetings

Theme: Intersectional LGBTQ+ Curriculum

The focus of February’s regional meetings is intersectional LGBTQ+ curriculum. Students will review the LGBTQ Curricular Materials Catalogue, which was developed by the Safe Schools Program for LGBTQ Students. Students will be provided with the knowledge and tools to advocate for these inclusive curriculum units.

Students’ LGBTQ+ Lesson Plans:

December Meetings

Theme: Health Advocacy

The focus of December’s regional meetings is health advocacy. Topics include health advocacy, the Healthy Youth Act, self-care, and community care.

October Meetings

Theme: Identity, Oppression, & Digital Advocacy

The focus of October’s regional meetings is identity, oppression, and digital advocacy. Student will get to know each other, explore resources for racial justice & LGBTQ+ History Month, and prepare for virtual advocacy as we start the school year. This includes completing identity wheels, learning about the four I’s of oppression, microaggressions, and trans history.